Lazy CryptoCats X MyMoMint

Lazy CryptoCats and MyMoMint Partnership Banner

As Lazy CryptoCats, we understand that sometimes it’s best to draw on our own lazy experience from the past or to reminisce on the physical world we’re already familiar with in order to help others navigate the new, fast-paced, and technologically advanced world which we’ve begun to enter. For digital art and NFT’s in particular, this means innovating new ways for others to view these digital art collections the same way we view traditional art collections today, in the physical form.

With DeFi institutions sounding the alarm for all of crypto Twitter, there has been a significant increase in money exchanging wallets for digital art and as a result, causing NFTs to ascend to a new realm of social status with quite a few collections starting to be considered high-end luxury items. Collectively, we feel this culture shift was inevitable; however, we also find it peculiar that there are so few ways to incorporate such well-designed and highly detailed digital art like our beautiful and Lazy CyptoCats into physical galleries or framed pieces.

NFTs and digital art represent the next step in the development of human artistic endeavors and the social coordination that we tend to overlook throughout our daily happenings is a key sign of this. As lazy as we may seem, we genuinely believe the cultural innovation behind non-fungible technology and digital art necessitates the creation of unique and custom physical frames with the ability to mount them on any wall, in any gallery, or in any country, after all, the only difference between a buyer of art and a collector of art is the manner in which they value and present their collection.

Meet , a digital-tech startup that specializes in LED displays of digital art and NFTs. MyMoMint was founded by a small team of supply chain and engineering experts who, being early NFT collectors and TopShot investors themselves, initially came up with the idea to look for a way to display their own NBA moments and digital art collections and simply couldn’t find a digital frame worthy enough of hanging their treasured collections in. At this point in time, the MyMoMint team began to brainstorm ways they could add value to their own art but at the same time provide value back to all the other collectors and artists they had encountered along their own journeys. This is where the idea of creating LED physical displays to show off their collection (like we all did when we were kids) began! After months of iterations, research, and development, MyMoMint sent out their very first batch of 7-inch physical displays and hasn’t looked back.

We realized that it is inevitable for art collectors to begin to demand the proper accessory, frames, and display options in which they are able to show their NFT collections off but that MyMoMint has found itself at one of the most pivotal and significant cultural inflection points in history. As a lazy aka organically grown via the community with no influencer marketing, paid endorsements, or campaigns NFT project in its early stages, strategically partnering with an experienced, transparent, and critically thinking team was the first priority in demonstrating the many ways Lazy CryptoCats are vastly different from the rest of the pack. On top of this, we adhere to a ‘Lazy Time ‘strategy where nothing is rushed and all collaborations, strategic partnerships, and endorsements are in the best interest of our Lazy Lounge Club members.

In saying this, here are the specifics on what the Lazy CryptoCats and MyMoMint strategic partnership will entail:

  1. A private discount code on all orders for LCC community members
  2. Pre-loaded displays with exact customer-owned LCC on delivery — Can hold up 15 interchangeable NFTs on the base model
  3. Packaged display with LCC x MMM design included
  4. Exclusive MyMoMint display giveaways for LCC members only
  5. LCC members get 15% off all MyMoMint products
  6. LCC holders will receive an early-access window to all future releases of MyMoMint products

In addition, next week we’ll be selecting up to 20 members of the LazyLoungeClub to receive one of MyMoMint’s 7" desk displays. All details will be announced in the coming weeks with regards to how LCC holders can order their displays!

With the addition of members-only type access, lifetime discounts, and exclusive giveaways for all Lazy CryptoCat holders, we couldn’t be happier with the direction our lazy and productive community is headed and it seems our lazy-smart approach to organic growth and the community-first building is finally starting to pay off. With that being said, we are still so early and are yet to even see the birth of all 3500 Lazy CyptoCats onto the Ethereum blockchain *mind-blowing*, which is what leaves us so confident in the long-term success of our community and the project as a whole.

Lazy CryptoCats is a collection of 3500 unique Lazy CryptoCat NFT digital collectibles that lazily live on the Ethereum blockchain.