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Those of us who tend to be “lazy” yet intelligent can also be difficult to work with at the best of times. We delegate tasks and put our collective faith in others to carry out our responsibilities, why? Well, because we believe in the efficient, fair, and streamlined power of distributed governance, skin in the game, and reciprocity in life. Moreover, we concentrate on a small number of key priorities that best fit the desired outcome but we also find it hard to work in a hierarchy or to be micromanaged. Ultimately, us lazyintellects find liberation in being wholeheartedly ourselves within a community of like-minded, free spirited, and lazy-intelligent individuals.

As of this writing, our Lazy Collectors, Super Lazy Collectors, and OG Lazy Lounge Club members collectively hold 349 Lazy CryptoCats in 137 unique wallets. By lazily crunching some numbers and calculating where we currently sit on the roadmap to 3500 minted Lazy CryptoCats, one is finally able to see just how early the current Lazy CryptoCat owners are.

In realizing how close all 100+ of us are and how quickly the Lazy Lounge Club has assembled, we completely understand what it means to be your lazy self within a community of like-minded and lazy-intelligent individuals. We understand that no single project has ever reached success entirely on its own and by strategically partnering with brands, projects, and organizations which align with our vision, we are able to bring some of our most wild and laziest dreams to life.

We are excited to announce that we will be partnering with LandVault, one of the most positively complex and rewarding projects in the NFT space to date. LandVault was founded by a group of friends with a passion for gaming, blockchain and real estate. Together, they are crafting the games they’ve been dreaming of building for years. Their land exists not only to host their in-house games, but to provide a home for community members like us.

One of the main reasons we strategically chose to partner with LandVault (is the passion, dedication, and long-term vision they have for their in- house project build-out of AvatarLand and the opportunities it will provide for all Lazy CryptoCat members, * start getting lazily creative. We believe the ability for each and every LCC holder to connect, network, and collaborate with all other avatars in AvatarLand will not only provide resources on demand but a wide spectrum of creative potential with which the community will have the choice to harness.

We believe all the utility that has now been added for all Lazy Lounge Members in the form of benefits like: gaining access to LandVault’s LAND in any metaverse or utilizing LandVault’s tools, expertise, and resources is invaluable when comprehending the significance social-status symbols have on life. We wanted to make sure the community had a base to go to in the metaverse but in saying this we didn’t want to rush the quality of the build-out in the slightest.

The stellar team at LandVault will be working hand-in-hand with our to construct the Genesis in the heart of Avatarland. While the L is under construction, we will be quietly strategizing ways to monetize our LAND as a community. That’s right, we can monetize the in any creative manner we choose and as a result, create rev-share channels that link directly back to the Lazy Lounge Club. For now, let’s take a deeper dive into Avatarland.

What is AvatarLand?

AvatarLand is a fun and collaborative gathering place for the best avatar projects, built by LandVault themselves and on their 6x6 parcel in Sandbox, attached to Zepeto. LandVault develops hangouts, bases, storefronts, clubhouses, meta-boardrooms, virtual festivals, and more. Each LandVault structure will reflect the vision and brand identity of the respective avatar project. Think of AvatarLand as a degen-filled and less centralized Disneyland, only it’s in the Metaverse and overrun with Cats, Apes, Punks, Meebits, and Craniums.

All LandVault structures can be open or locked. The locked areas are accesible only to those that hold the right avatar in their wallet. For example, the only way to gain access to the Lazy Lounge Club in Avatarland is by holding a Lazy CryptoCat NFT in your wallet. Alternatively, say we wanted to monetize an art gallery or clothing store, then LandVault would ensure it’s never locked and stays open 24/7 365 to anyone for maximum visibility.

Why would an Avatar project want to join AvatarLand?

Every avatar project that joins, brings new eyes to all the other projects; the most natural network-effect any project could ask for. Most people hold multiple avatars in their wallets and infact, many avatar projects are not so much competitors as they are peers. Players visiting AvatarLand will discover new avatar projects while engaging with their primary avatar in that project’s dedicated zone. Avatar projects will gain more users while at the same time giving their holders bonus utility by gaining members-only access to AvatarLand.

What do the buildings in AvatarLand look like?

Just like every Avatar project is different, every respective building structure will be also different. But dont worry, AvatarLand will not look like a mall full of bright colored box stores with flashing discount signs. The structures will match the vision of the avatar projects community themselves, so yes, we could potentially see spaceships, hidden bases, clubhouses (like ours) or anything else our lazy avatar friends dream up.

How do individual members of avatar projects benefit from AvatarLand?

If an individual holds an avatar in their wallet, they likely hope their favorite avatar project succeeds and exists for years to come. The more new people are exposed to an avatar project, the more likely that project is to gain new users and survive long-term. At the most basic level, Avatarland provides a network-hub of collectors, investors, founders, intellects, visionary’s, developers, artists, gamers, and so much more. By surrounding themselves in a collabarative, creative, and immersive environment, individuals gain immense social-exposure to some of the most prolific avatar projects and members in the Metaverse.

All in all, we know we’re in uncharted territory and there’s still a lot of work to do, but we also know that our Lazy Leadership Team is up to any challenge thrown their way, heavily experienced, and ready for anything. We’ll be rolling out the Lazy Lounge Club construction incrementally and over time but we wanted to share these few details with you today so that we could all start getting lazily creative and prepare ourselves for whats to come.

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Lazy CryptoCats is a collection of 3500 unique Lazy CryptoCat NFT digital collectibles that lazily live on the Ethereum blockchain.