A Lazy Sneakerhead Collection: Part II

Introducing Andrew Lewis, a Vegas-based Artist who uses sports sneakers as his drawing canvas and creative medium to express the love and passion he has grown throughout his life for the game of basketball and the dedication and admiration he has for the art

A two-part partnership announcement article

Lazy Rare Shoes — A digital sneaker collaboration between LCC and Rare Shoe

We’ve been somewhat quiet lately but are finally able to reveal some of the fun utility and mechanics we’ve been working on. If you’ve been hanging out in our discord server over the last few weeks then you know about our most recent project-to-project collaboration…

Lazy CryptoCats and MyMoMint Partnership Banner

As Lazy CryptoCats, we understand that sometimes it’s best to draw on our own lazy experience from the past or to reminisce on the physical world we’re already familiar with in order to help others navigate the new, fast-paced, and technologically advanced world which we’ve begun to enter. …

Land Vault and Lazy Crypto Cats Partnership Banner

Those of us who tend to be “lazy” yet intelligent can also be difficult to work with at the best of times. We delegate tasks and put our collective faith in others to carry out our responsibilities, why? Well, because we believe in the efficient, fair, and streamlined power of…

A brief introduction to the laziest and one of the most organically successful NFT projects to date.

The Lazy CryptoCats Official Collection Banner

Meet the 3500 Lazy CryptoCats who comprise the Lazy Lounge Club, an NFT-backed community that was born as a result of the universe’s random laziness.

Allow us to introduce ourselves, we’re a lazy…

Lazy CryptoCats

Lazy CryptoCats is a collection of 3500 unique Lazy CryptoCat NFT digital collectibles that lazily live on the Ethereum blockchain.

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